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Kids these days don’t have it easy. They feel so much pressure to get good grades in the PSLE and get into a good secondary school, all while learning coding, excelling in their CCA and figuring out what they want to specialise in when they go to uni.

To make things worse, according to a recent news article, Vivian Balakrishnan has terrifyingly exhorted that children must be ready for jobs ‘that do not yet exist’.

So how do kiasu parents decide if it’s better that Junior pursues the tried and tested path of becoming a doctor or lawyer, or if they should urge him to get a STEM degree? How can you do what’s best for your child when you can’t predict the future?

We obviously can’t tell you what jobs will be on the table 20 years from now. But the world of work is evolving, and parents can’t take the same approach their own parents did when they were at school. Here’s what might help to prepare kids for the working world, no matter what it looks like when they’re grown up.

More at http://www.domainofexperts.com/2017/07/how-can-parents-help-children-be-ready.html



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Learn Hindi or Mandarin, preferably both - it will stand him/her in good stead for the future economy ... serious.
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