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Authorities advise discretion in the face of “widespread circulation” online of cosmetic products - which, contaminated or otherwise, are in fact not required to undergo testing before hitting the market in Singapore.

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Yeah heard about these products also. I saw this article on Facebook that covered a story that is similar, talks about the people behind these cosmetic products.



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They can choose to step up on regulations I believe.
Now what's required for a cosmetic product to be registered is just the money  8) from the biz counterpart and administrative work from the biz counterpart to key in data needed.
Apparently that's precisely why anyone can bring in.
Only adverse events reported will trigger a check

It's welly impt to register your products because u nd to pay your fees so that when got problem they notify you to off shelf.
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没有心,就不会痛 😉


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Re: ‘Convenience at a risk’: When buying cosmetics online turns ugly
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OMG! Luckily I'm not using one. Thanks for sharing this. I hope everyone be aware of this and be careful when buying online cosmetics. I tried once and I stopped because the textured feels weird compare to those sell in store.