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This query comes from the sibling of a student:

I am actually asking on behalf of my little brother who is presently a secondary 3 Express student...he has been failing quite a few subjects including A Maths and Chinese since the beginning of this year, so my parents decided to force him to attend multiple tuition sessions every week which has gone on for a while. Honestly his grades haven't improved much, yet he is constantly throwing tantrums and yelling at our parents for overstressing him. Once he even skipped school just to hang out at a shopping centre. What would you suggest we do? Really at our wits end. :(

The Response:


We're thankful for your genuine care over your younger brother.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to change the situation as it is now.

Your brother is at an age range where boys are attempting to gain some level of independence as they discover more about themselves and their environment. Thus, significant behaviour changes are not uncommon for youths his age. For myself, I too began to slip in attendance from my once-ardently loved uniformed group CCA, due to my desire to focus more on A Maths in Secondary 3.

It is not a change of behaviour that we're concerned about, but of the direction the change is bringing the individual into.

More at https://www.domainofexperts.com/2018/07/younger-brother-emotionally-affected-by.html



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I think the parents should be more concern on the peer he is with rather than just forcing him to attend tuition. There might be some butterfly reaction on these. Dropping in grades might not necessary meant he didnt put in enough effort. Other factors must be looked into. If he has lost interest in those subject, parents should help them to find ways to support.
Relationships, peers, teachers, school.
The olden days style is putting your kids into tuition so they can improve. But whats more important is to talk to him and understand him what he is going through.
I believe communicating with him more will actually have a better outcome then just putting him to tuition.