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Need an Extra Income?
« on: November 24, 2017, 10:54:13 am »
Hi mummies! I am a full-time working mum and also a mumpreneur with a group of mummies running our online business.

It isn't easy being a working mum and also running an online business. But I persevered and am determined as I wanted a better future for my child.

Are you struggling with paying the bills, classes for your kids, monthly expenses, etc.?
In a dilemma of quitting your job to be with the kids? No/insufficient allowance from your spouse?
Why not generate an extra income while raising a family?
If there is a way to improve the situation, would you be open to find out more?

I had gone through all these - paying for all my kid's expenses (insurance, classes, fees, dental checks, etc.) without any allowances. So, I definitely understand the struggles and helplessness you are feeling.

Come join our group of mummy entrepreneurs and create the financial freedom which can be inherited by your children! We learn, share and grow in this online platform together while having fun doing it together.

The beauty of this mumpreneur group is that there is an internship where other mummies will support and guide you. And this is purely based on your own time own target (no minimum target to meet).