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Describe about that game which is your best favorite, give some brief history on how you found out about the game, what you like and dislike about it, and why do you stop playing after so many years. You might want to add some screenshots if you want


- Mugen is a freeware 2D fighting game engine where players can make their own fighting game with it

- I found out about this game on the April of year 2001 where I joined a membership at a PC centre for internet research project for my school work and for leisure. This PC centre was introduced by my secondary school friend. I found out about this game when I was flipping booklet of pc games and found this game interesting as a huge fan of fighting games. After I had my internet connection at home on December of year 2001, I started to use that engine to build my own fighting game from scratch by downloading characters and stages created by the Mugen communities.

- What I like about this game was it is freeware, able to make my own fighting game in any way, able to create fighting character in any way of my own
- What I dislike about this game was it often crash alot when playing through (especially the current engine), difficult in planning what characters I want to add at times, time consuming, character creation is difficult

- I stopped bothering about Mugen in year 2017 because of the troublesome crash problem which was pretty disturbing most of the time
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O2 jam, long ago.
Stopped playing because heard it went bankrupt  :'(
没有心,就不会痛 😉