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Redring treasures cutlet noodles review
« on: September 11, 2018, 08:50:43 pm »

Forged by son, perfected by parents – the prevailing success of RedRing Treasures rides on an arsenal of secret family recipes painstakingly developed in the kitchen. Specially crafted sauces, robustly flavored cutlets and precisely engineered egg noodles all bear testament to vast efforts chanelled into shaping a culinary legacy. Evidently the public’s appetite has been whetted as huge lunch and dinner crowds often descend upon its humble stall within the Food Republic establishment at Wisma Atria shopping mall (another outlet has since opened for business at Ngee Ann City’s Takashimaya Food Village).

What knocked our socks off:

Without a shred of doubt the chicken cutlet egg noodle was THE darling among items featured in the menu. Noodles weaved from special protein flour and whole eggs were a delightful mix of firm, springy and tasty. Lightly blanched with a traditional clear sauce (derived from some delectable format of chicken broth) lathered over, indeed we went slurp, slurp, slurp......slurping away to heaven. Also be treated to a really generous slab of chicken cutlet soused with one big deal of a marinade, yielding succulent meat wrapped in incredibly crisp, fragrant batter. Salivary glands secreting uncontrollably? You are definitely not alone.

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