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Food Review of Korean bibimbap eatery Dosirak...yum!
« on: December 08, 2018, 10:55:12 am »

Dosirak (도시락) is the crystallization of Chinese-Korean entrepreneur Edward Chia's tiny ambition of introducing low calorie yet delectable takeway Korean fare in fuss-free holders. Evidently this bloke is dead serious about offering healthy grub, as one certified nutritionist was even sought in the process to consult on ingredients, preparation methods and taste outcomes surrounding a reinvention of the traditional bibimbap. Consequently lean cuts of meat are sous-vide in 63°C water baths, use of MSG is dropped altogether while unrefined brown sugar and Asian pear food extract take centre stage insofar as flavour enhancers are concerned.

Each customer gets to customize his/her order by choosing from various bases (including brown rice, buckwheat noodles and cauliflower rice), mains (including beef bulgogi, avocado sweet potato, tuna, salmon and tofu) and sides (including corn, chickpeas, beansprouts, kimchi and pickled cucumber). Further add a preferred sauce, seal the tub and shake things up well........you are pretty much ready to tuck in.

More at https://www.thefooddossier.com/2018/11/dosirak.html



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Re: Food Review of Korean bibimbap eatery Dosirak...yum!
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