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@kyith - thanks for an interesting piece on Bernard Tong's thesis

though I wished that some analysis was done on prices of HDB flats being the back-stop of condo prices and whether condo prices pull up HDB prices or the other way round;  HDB prices have been falling btw ....  so this might also be a drag and anchor expectations for exuberance .... HDB upgraders "hostage" syndrome

your parting shot ....

My parting comment is that for the property market to be sustainable, we require a conducive environment where business can be developed and average income can gradually go up over time. Cost of living needs to be controlled as well so that above average income earners can channel excess cash flow to private properties.

.... next to housing .... car purchases are the next biggest ticket for aspiring singaporeans .... remove that "need" and you will have more income and cash flow for private properties .... with the mindset of millennials and the sharing economy,  I would imagine that this is not too far from reality .... imagine "free-ing" up that $1000 - $2000 /month from take-home pay that would otherwise go into paying the monthly installment on a car .....

is it a wonder why property developers are so bullish? .... hmmmmm

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