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How Do You Reach Financial Independence & Retire Early
« on: October 22, 2018, 10:43:24 pm »
I wanted to share with the community a very 101 post if you would be interested in the Financial Independence & Retire Early movement. Full post is at https://www.sippingcoconuts.com/how-do-you-reach-fire-x-fire-101/

Welcome to FIRE 101, the SippingCoconuts version 😉 Bite-sized and easy to understand is the name of the game for this post!

So what is FIRE actually?

Financial Independence, Retire Early. Simply put, it is a point where you have reached financial independence that work becomes optional, therefore you can retire early if you so choose.

What would Financial Independence cover?

It would cover all your projected expenses for the next 30 years, minimally and in some cases leave you with some more. If you have unprojected expenses, that would affect your 30 year time-frame. If you save more than you projected, huzzaaahh!

What’s the Point of FIRE?

One word – FREEDOM! Freedom to do whatever you want without being restrained by financial considerations. Freedom to shape your life the way you want without having to work up to a ripe old retirement age because you need to. Freedom to discover yourself as you have gained more time from not working (if you choose!).

Read the full post at https://www.sippingcoconuts.com/how-do-you-reach-fire-x-fire-101/
Passionate about life, travel and finances. Planning early retirement in Singapore at 35! Part of the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement.
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