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What's the best cheap souvenir from Japan?
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:54:37 pm »
These following souvenirs are not only cheap but also with typical Japanese style, which are totally worth a purchase.

First, the most popular Japan souvenirs bought by foreign tourists.

1. Funny eraser

These little and cute erasers are the best gifts for kids.

2. Hand fan

The hand fun with Japanese words and paintings are very popular among foreigners

3. Japanese doll

The dolls, especially the characters in famous Japan cartoons, are well designed and made, always the good souvenirs for children.

4. Bathing powder

With the bathing powder, you can have the same feeling of having a bath in hot spring in your bathtub like what you have in Japan onsen.

5. Wall hanging

These wall hangings in unique Japanese style are great decorations to your home.

6. Teacup

You can find these teacups painted Japanese words in common stores. Drinking tea with these exotic cups at home will be a cool thing.

Second, the Japanese dessert

1. Tokyo Banana

It even has limited edition in cherry blossom edition.

2. Chicken cake

3. Ginza sesame egg

You really can’t miss this delicious food with cute appearance and fragrant flavor.

4. Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito layer cake

5. Kyoto crystal sugar

The traditional Kyoto crystal sugars are not only colorful but also delicious.

6. The windmill sugar

Finally, daily supplies

1. Artistical stationary

This stationary is not only with colorful appearance but also high quality.

2. Cute artistic magnets

3. Handkerchief

The Japanese handkerchief is usually embroidered with beautiful flowers and figures.

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