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Perfect trench coat and beautiful blouses
« on: May 17, 2018, 11:49:55 am »
In the modern society one of the most garments is the trench coat. It is versatile and at any time of the year it can be easily worn on any occasion. With the modern trends there are various styles available. Blouses are generally more feminine than t-shirts and can be more formal. It can often be used in the corporate world and semi-formal occasions as well. In Berrylook you can find all the required outfits.

Find the right trench coat
Nowadays there are so many options available from where you can able to choose the best one. Whenever you decided to buy trench coats first of all you have to think about your body type and then only select from classic, single-breasted, or double-breasted trench coat. The most common one is the double-breasted coat. It is perfect for the woman who has perfect curves. This coat gives flattery to the woman when it is belted. It also gives an illusion with lean frames to women.
Originally you can find this coat in three fabrics such as poplin, cotton, and wool. Many of them are made of waterproof material. So you can wear it in the rainy or snowy season for protection. For the increased popularity clothing industries used different popular fabrics for these coats. With cashmere it can look warm, soft, cozy, and elegant look. If you use a synthetic polyester coat then you can be benefitted as it does not wrinkle easily and on the other hand it will keep you warm.
According to the season you can change coat colors to avoid monotony. Choose bright and colorful shades in winter and in summer it is better to choose the dark color. There are some patterns that can be useful for you such as solid trench coat and printed trench coat.

Find the perfect blouse just for you
Different designs and cuts fit different body types. There are some specific cuts and designs for particular body type. It is important to find the right style and cut for you which can emphasize the best assets by hiding the problematic areas. Cute blouses with stripes and lines have a huge effect on the whole body. The body will look elongate if there is a vertical line in your blouses. These types of blouses are recommended for the people who are short in size.
On the other hand horizontal lines in the blouse look wide and make you look wider and fatter. This is appropriate for thin people. Colors are also having a great impact on your body type. Dark color helps to look leaner and bright colors on the blouses helps to emphasize the upper body and provides you bigger and wider look.
Just go to www.berrylook.com and sitting in your room do the best shopping.