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Website If It Were My Home was originally set up in 2010 “as a way to show the magnitude of the BP Oil Spill,” according to its creator.

Its creator, Andy Lintner, then said that after having conversations with visitors to the site, he realised that “representing large facts in relation to a person’s own home is much more revealing than a simpler presentation of facts” and that was how the new concept of If It Were My Home was born.

The website allows you to compare countries on indicators such as life expectancy, healthcare cost per capita, oil consumption, murder rates, etc.

Indicators are taken from official sources such as the CIA World Factbook, World Health Organisation and United Nations.

More at https://mothership.sg/2015/12/website-lets-you-compare-singapore-to-other-countries-shows-we-live-long-and-jail-more/



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