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Re: Third world lift buttons spotted in CPF building
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2019, 06:54:50 pm »
This reminds me of an old tcs drama, it was channel 5 where an indian boy was playfully pressing all of the lift's buttons where the lifts had about several people in it and after the lift door closed, all of them were ported to what was known as the third world where it was cloudy and dark from outside. two of the kids, the indian boy who playfully pressed the lift buttons and another kid girl (I am not sure of her race as if she is malay or indian) walked out of the lift and the lift door suddenly closed.

When the lift door reopened, the rest of the people in the lift were at the 1st floor of a hdb flat. The mothers of the kids were worried of what happened to their kids and tried to enter the lift again to try by pressing every of the lift buttons only to found out that the lift should contained all of the people who were together with them in the lift.

They went to look for all of the people who were in the lift with them by begging them to help them where some of them refused. In the end, all of them gathered into the lift again and the mother pressed all of the lift's buttons, and the lift door closed. One of the Chinese girl (the girl who was in "gao xiao xing dong" in the 95 IIRC, she was with Bryan Wong where he likes girl with long hair as compared to another girl who had short hair.) looked terrified.

Suddenly, when the lift door opened again, the lift shook around as if there is an earthquake and the lights were off. After the lift landed on the ground floor, every of the people in the lift were dead except for the two kids who returned back in the lift. There were paramedics there helping out and passerby surrounded the lift watching. The kids were confused and shocked of what was going on seeing their mum lying motionless in pool of blood :o

P.S. I apologized if the story is too long, I tried to shorten it but it was difficult atm  :P