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I am the Rider of the Single Mother Grab Driver Incident
« on: September 09, 2018, 12:41:09 pm »
Hi, i am actually the person involved in this situation and do note how it has been viral since a few days back. The reason i have not made my own statement was due to multiple reasons:

1) i am a private person and wish to remain so.

2) i have been frantically trying to resolve this internally with Grab at my 1st notice of this situation since wednesday with no resolution in sight. Grab had refused to contact me despite my countless efforts until yesterday despite this being a PDPA issue. I had to be the one to make contact with Grab for them to acknowledge and it was extremely difficult (i sent 4 emails, 1 phone call for them to reply)

Now on my side of the story that were not in the driver's post. (i have evidences to back it up which i have provided to Grab and can give snapshot)

1) The driver was insisting that she thinks that i think she is lying when she arrived at the wrong entrance

2) The driver made a wrong turn (i am assuming that was why the GPS in her system rerouted the map to the wrong entrance)

3) The entrance that the driver is at is always closed in the evening. It is nearly 1km away from me. (since the driver took photo of the wrong location, i can easily show my record of bookings to note how far away it is)

4) I have booked at the same spot in NYP for the past 4 months with no issue. (again i have evidence, min 15 past bookings)

5) Even if i can walk to the wrong entrance, the whole thing is closed down so i cannot possibly climb over (which will take 15 minutes due to the slope etc)

6) Now imagine if you made an accurate grab booking and the driver arrives at the next street. I did not get angry initially or anything despite waiting for 10 minutes. Instead, i even attempted to guide the driver on how to reach me. She herself stated that in her post although she left out many details. I told her to drive down the road, make a turn, and she should be able to find the entrance. She insisted she is not familiar with the area. I then assured her that it is just before the ITE (to my mind, the places i am telling her are large landmarks that are easily visible even if you are not familiar)

Despite my efforts. She made 0 attempts to reach me and gives up on her own accord (no self help to on another gps either, her only excuse was i did not know the exact road name)

more at https://tinyurl.com/yaj9xukj