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Halloween 2018 movie review: 5.5/10
« on: October 30, 2018, 05:57:16 pm »
Halloween 2018 attempts to connect directly to the violent events which transpired 4 decades ago in John Carpenter's original version while conveniently feigning amnesia over the string of terrible sequels  conjured by the likes of Tommy Lee Wallace, Steve Miner and Joe Chappelle (along with the crumbly exploration of Michael Myers' evil origins courtesy of the Rob Zombie films). Yet pushing the reset button  still couldn't rescue it from the tomb of incoherence and devastatingly stupid no thanks to an incompetently fashioned screenplay.

40 years on, Myers remains incarcerated at Smith's Grove Rehabilitation Hospital. He has greyed considerably, yet still cuts an imposing figure and continues to befuddle therapists with his faculties  completely shut to the outside world. On the eve of Halloween he is scheduled for a transfer to another facility; all hell breaks loose on the bus ferrying him and other inmates, thus setting the stage for Mikey's return to Haddonfield on a murder 'em all free pass. 

One too many inexplicable coincidences gnaw at the viewer, such as how his handler Dr Sartain went conveniently berserk and sabotaged the bus ride, or how evil incarnate himself managed to effortlessly track down the journalist pair who prodded him days earlier in the hospital courtyard, murder them both in a gas station toilet and retrieve his beloved Captain Kirk death mask...... just like that.

More at https://tinyurl.com/y7j4fzn5

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