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Apparently, this guy has no boundaries and respect when it comes to treating a woman right. He’s outright abusive and has extremely temperamental, thinking that he’s above everyone just because he has good looks.  In short, to list down the things that he’s done to her:


1. He acts all lovey dovey and nice in front of people. But behind closed doors? Refer to pictures below for evidence.

 He is also especially good with words and his sweet talking skills is a soft spot in letting his girlfriend forgive him easily.


2. Controlling. Who will forbid their girlfriend who is an animal lover  to touch stray cats and says that she is equally dirty to the strays if  she touches them. She can only step into the house after she washes her  hands with soap. Expecting her to report her whereabouts at all times,  dress up to his liking, forcing her to finish her food when she is already full. If she doesn’t comply, he will fly into a rage and fight with her. 


3. A double standard “human” who only cares for himself & demands to have his own ways while punishing his girlfriend for doing the same.  Having connections with girls and asking them to be **** buddies even  when he’s in a relationship. Our dear “human” being here has the cheek to ask girls on Tinder to meet up and become friends with benefits even though he’s attached. On the other hand, his girlfriend is unable to even pour her heart out to her close friends. He also unfollowed and unfriended all her male friends, teachers & colleagues who might appear as threats to him on various social media platforms accounts. Oh and did I mention, he would threaten to leave her, emphasizing out loud many girls out there are dying to be his girlfriend and therefore he isn't the least bit afraid of not having options in the event of a separation if she doesn’t obey him.


A lot more at https://tinyurl.com/yxbp833v



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Respect yourself and never allow yourself to be someone else's doormat....

6-months is a little too long, she should have kicked him to Jurong the moment he pulled a stunt like that....  those are alarm bells you are hearing, it ain't wedding bells girl...  ::)
"A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach."



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Sweet talking skills not an excuse for being soft hearted.
Ppl stay to what they want, so they got it.
没有心,就不会痛 😉