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Are you a lady boss or thinking of starting up your own business?
Would you like to meet a like-minded group of businessmen, including both tech startups and traditional business owners? We have a few busineswomen in our group and they have been trying to encourage more females to build business in Singapore =)

We are using Slack (instead of Whatsapp) as it is easier to discuss ideas, work related topics, as well as leisure and fun stuff in different channels in Slack. If you do not have slack yet, you can download from your App or Android store, it would be quite useful for you.

We help each other to brainstorm ideas, help each other with designs, marketing, sales, creative ideas and where / how to cut costs and increase revenue. More importantly, we throw ideas at each other and expand our business and seedlings... =)

Join us now by filling up this web form:

We will add you shortly after.

Current members (still being updated)
Lady doing- Baby Products Distributor
Lady doing Car Workshop / traditional trading
Lady tech in Eatigo
Lady owner of sex toys online sales
Prince of Qoo10.
Peasant of Qoo10, sell honey

Elderly care, adult nutrient milk feed

Pet products seller - PetCare
Web/Graphic designer, and also selling ladies shoes
app/web/algo dev; Data Analysis Company
Platform to get travellers to bring back overseas products
Former co-founder of a tech company. Founder's Institute Mentor
Online Marketer, Web Developer, Fashion Model Agency
Mobile + web application consulting and development
New Zealand resident doing cosmetic / manuka honey sales
Japanese resident building tech startups (average of 1 startup per week)
etc etc



Re: Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen or thinking of doing a new business?
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2016, 02:54:55 pm »
Many of you have heard about all the new startups coming up in Singapore and around the world. There are a few of us who are already working on startups and we want to maintain a useful discussion thread  We also have a very active chat group which meets for gatherings. Lai lai, feel free to ask questions or discuss businesses and startups here.



What is a traditional business?
A traditional business is your typical brick and mortar physical shop, a warehouse or an office with a physical presence. It operates to provide its customers and consumers with a product in exchange for compensation. The typical goals of these types of businesses all lead to turning a profit for the owners or operators, meaning that the business makes more money in revenue than it spends. (Revenue - Expenses = Profit)

Traditional businesses has always been the bread and butter for a long time and it's undeniable that traditional businesses will still continue to evolve and innovate, while making market corrections to suit the ever changing business environment.

What is a startup? What’s the difference with a normal business?
A startup is a new business, usually one that tries to “scale” (expand quickly) through the use of a new or uncommon business model or technology (e.g. Airbnb, Uber). Startups are considered different from new traditional businesses (e.g. tuition, digital marketing, manufacturing), which rely on an established business model. Many startups are tech startups, which focus on software or other technology as a competitive advantage.

Startups are high risk ventures, because they are trying to do new things. Don’t expect to invest in a startup and get guaranteed returns, no such thing one.

Why do people start startups?
Usually to become rich, or change the world, or both. The successful startups in the US and China are worth billions of dollars and are giant companies. You already know their names.

Should I do a startup?
Only if you can afford to take the risk (at least 1 year of savings), have a good team, have done your research about your target market, and still can’t get that awesome idea out of your head. There are many things to learn about startups and you should read blogs and books, or get advice from experienced startup founders.

It often takes up to 4 years to get a startup to take off (reach rapid and sustained growth), so be prepared to chiong for a long time.

Okay, swee. What sort of business idea should I do?
Go read TechCrunch, Tech in Asia, e27, Venturebeat, and other tech startup news sites to see what people are starting. Go to meetups for your industry and find out what problems people are facing (you can find events at TheList.sg and WeBuild.sg).

Find a major problem to focus on, talk to many people facing that problem, and start planning possible solutions. Everything starts with finding a major problem or “unmet need”.

Should I YOLO and launch a startup without a business plan?
No. You need at least a simple, clear plan which you can use to convince others to join your team. You may need to make a "pitch deck" - a presentation that explains your startup idea to potential investors or co-founders.

What types of business models are there?
Fee-for-service/E-commerce: your usual online stores
Subscription service (including SaaS and products-by-subscription)
Platform/marketplace, e.g. Lazada, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb
Online-to-offline (O2O)
Business and consumer relationships: B2C, B2B, C2C/P2P (sharing economy), B2B2C, etc.

General advice
Ideas aren’t worth much - execution is everything.
User experience (UX) and convenience is super important.
Test your prototype with real target users all the way, to make sure you’re on the right track. Don’t test after spending months on a final product - it’s too late by then.

How to start a startup: a complete video course
http://startupclass.samaltman.com/ - If you are ready to learn more, start watching this.

More answers will be added here in the future.



Re: Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen or thinking of doing a new business?
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2016, 09:05:10 pm »
we need more ladyboss!


Ava Taneer

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Re: Entrepreneurs, Businesswomen or thinking of doing a new business?
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2017, 10:13:05 am »
Here's some tips on anyone thinking of starting up their business. Especially for women ;)

10 Start-up Tips From Female Entrepreneurs: