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Not getting much love from Starbucks nor Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf these days because your behind got glued to a seat poring over one fat stack of lecture notes for too long (usually accompanied by the mere purchase of a single drink)? Hey we know you ain't feeling so great with them constant judgmental glares from others over your shoulders, and then subsequently being "invited" to vacate your stronghold erected however discreetly in a corner. Employing that possibly stale but rather true empathetic rejoinder: we were students once - been there, done that. Not to mention even the most basic ice blended mocha isn't exactly wallet friendly. Seeking equally conducive, yet far cheaper (or should we say completely free) revision havens in the public domain? Glad you asked, because we have once again assembled a fresh set of recommendations just for you, the truly conscientious one, to properly do your thing sans the din, distracting chatter and uncomfortable stares. Oh, you are most welcome.

The Centrepoint, Levels 2 and 3

For some odd reason crowds remain indifferent to The Centrepoint embedded in the Orchard shopping belt despite its $50 million, 16 month extensive overhaul which concluded in late 2016. Truth be told, personal surveys revealed the following: in the afternoons and shortly after 8.30pm in the evenings, overall footfall within this mall was terribly dismal to say the least. In fact, sometimes things got so quiet one could hear a pin drop. Well, what doesn't work for retail surely works for the student. Get parked in one of those uber comfy chairs or curved couches showcased in the photos above, and knock yourself out.

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