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Man s1ut home wreakers
« on: May 06, 2018, 05:49:56 pm »

I feel so sorry for those wives ... when will they wake-up to the fact that LGBTQ deviant behaviours are sins that needs to be eradicated from society .... they harm marriages and lives ...  :-\

I used to be like you, I would wait on msn and impersonate my ex husband, try to trap and dig as much information as possible when I stumble upon the gay websites he was visiting and him webcam with them, send emails of his gross pictures to them ... That was before he refused to admit that he never met up with them.

His issue was, he was sexually abused by his uncle.
Hence, he somewhat hated these people and love to entice them. He claimed that he would arrange orgy and sex parties but never meet up with them. Until I got some info about a few guys he actually have sex with. Actually only 1 but on a few occasions and he readily admitted his sexual encounters with a few gays.

I used to think those men who enticed him were wrong but seriously he was a willing party and he chose to do what he did. I even confronted a guy only to be scolded in return by him. I'm telling you from experience, all that heartache ain't gonna worth it because it only makes you more miserable and depressed.

I suggested counseling because that seems like the only option available but seriously counseling only works when the party involved is open to it and willing to change. That is like he wants to do it himself, not because he was caught and not for the sake of his wife or family, his children. That is only temporal. And there are also other problems involved ... To put it simply, this gay thing he had back then, it was like he was so obsessed with it and put time and effort in it until it seems almost impossible to extricate himself from it.

Most LGBTQ behaviours have their roots in early or teenage sexual abuse ...that is a fact
"A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach."

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