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If you are single and you will like to find your partner, someone to grow old and enjoy life together...
Don't be a single petal or a single EDMW anymore =)

I would have 1 advice:- Find an activity, go out and participate and know more people.

For example, say you like badminton. Go play badminton every week, go find colleagues or friends, if you cannot find anyone who likes badminton, go use meetup.com or use apps to find likeminded friends.
you don't have to find a specific opposite gender partners.

Just make friends and the universe will help you!



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a few apps for serious singles (both males and females) that wants to find a sincere long term relationship and now just casual dating based on shallow criteria (I am looking at you Tinder)

Okcupid app.
there are a lot of good quizzes and questionaires, that many people joined for the sake of taking. which is good, because it increases matches, as many pple who usually don't join matchmaking websites are in there. :)
do read their profiles, usually profile questions and descriptions are interesting

Coffee Meet Bagels app
Another high quality dating app that helps to matchmake similar pple using algorithm. Many people inside of high qualifications and are there looking for the correct thing.

No matter what app or website you use, do note:-
do not use a copy-and-paste message for all the people you message, they know. IT is more obvious than you think.
Read the girl's (or guy's) profile before you write a message to her, and try to write something that shows you do read her profile. This is because a lot of guys do not even read the profile and mass send messages to many girls.

Do NOT use oneliner. You will be amazed at how many guys uses "hi there".
Or maybe "hi, how are you".
omg, those are just asking to be deleted

There are those who uses 1 short paragraph too. NO NO.

Please put in some effort.
Write abt something in the opposite profile that attracts your attention to write in. then introduce yourself, your current thing you are busy with, some interesting aspect of yourself, and then ask a question about her, like how's the week been, and what does she do during weekend to relax, etc.

Read and Think before you press the send button! :)



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I also have one tiny bit of advice for guys  - don't be a stingy poker. Pay for your dates!
"A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach."


Ah Tiong

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I am thinking of the below channels;

 I am thinking of focusing on 3 channels in order to meet more female friends:

1) Online dating sites like OKCupid. Sometimes I really find it a waste of time. Have been sending messages to more than 20+ ladies at least and not a single reply. And I am not sending short messages like 'Hi' etc....

Actually in the SDN site there is also a engagement session when we can set up an account there, search for profiles of singles and send them a message. But this platform is too inactive for most.....

2) Through introductions. To be frank my social circle aren't that big and my close friends are mostly males and single. They themselves also struggled to find the right one. And I am thinking of how to ask my ex classmates whom I have not been contact for years or acquaintences for help in this. But then it can be quite awkward.

3) Through courses, classes or volunteering. I am still thinking of what type of classes both suits me as well as I can get to know more females.

Other options includes dating agencies. I remembered some 3 years ago I spent almost $500 on a dating agency for 5 months of services and I requested to meet up around 10 ladies (and they are mostly plain and normal looking ladies) but all declined when the dating agency asked them whether they are interested to have a meet up with me.  So I don't think I am interested to look for a dating agency for now.

I have not tried any events organised by SDN. I wonder does those SDN events effective in finding the right one?

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